Hernia is a situation where  some organs or tissues tend to penetrate through the walls of various body muscles. Hernias occur in all age groups and most commonly in children and elderly people .

Causes Of Hernia: The main cause of hernia is weakened muscles. When  muscles loses its strength,  the ability to hold organs will also be lost. The other causes of hernia  are increased pressure on abdomen, strain applied during movement of bowels (constipation, urination), sharp blows on abdomen, heavy weight lifting, obesity etc.

Types Of Hernia: The commonly occurring hernia types are Inguinal hernia (occur when intestine penetrates out through the walls of abdomen ), Hiatal hernia ( occur due to the tenderness of diaphragm. Here the upper part of stomach protrudes through the thorax), Umbilical hernia ( occur in small children, here bulging of intestines occur in their belly bottom ),  Incisional hernia (Occur when the wounds of surgery or small incision remain unhealed ).

Symptoms Of Hernia: Pain, tiredness, pressure in abdomen, discomfort while lifting weights etc are symptoms of inguinal hernia.Chest pain, discomforts (caused due to reflux of acid, air, bile) are occurred in people with hiatal hernia. The stomach bulges out in children who is affected with umbilical hernia.
Treatment:Hernia repair is used to replace the protruded organs back to its position.This can be done using various surgical methods.

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the most effective and simple method among them. All types of hernia can be cured using this Laparoscopy. Hernia Repair in chennai can be done effectively with the help of  an experienced doctor named Dr. Deepak who uses sophisticated equipment’s and modern medical procedures to reduce patients discomfort. Don’t feel ashamed and distressed with hernia symptoms.Feel free to visit Dr.Deepak and  take the utmost care and cure.

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