Piles or haemorrhoids are swellings that are developed in and around the anus. Normally hemorrhoids are cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels, muscle and elastic fibers which help to control the movement of stool. This becomes a disease when it gets inflamed and swollen.

Types of  haemorrhoids

Internal haemorrhoids: These are present inside the rectum. Usually these haemorrhoids do not hurt, bleeding is the only sign which is used to recognise the presence of  haemorrhoids. If the haemorrhoid gets prolapsed, it may hurt.

External haemorrhoids: It is a painful condition where lumps are noticed on the edges of anus. It is also known as perianal hematoma.


  • Itchiness and redness around the anus
  • Lumps filled with coagulated blood, called a thrombosed external hemorrhoid will cause severe pain and bleeding during bowel movement
  • Pain and discomfort while defecating
  • Discharge of mucus when emptying the bowels
  • Sore and red skin around the anus

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Constipation, aging, injury to the spinal cord, obesity, anal intercourse, chronic diarrhoea, episiotomy, hereditary factors etc. can cause piles.


Piles can be diagnosed by the physical examination of the anus. In addition by undergoing  proctography, virtual colonoscopy, haematological tests, anoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy a complete analysis of the disease can be made. This will help to choose the correct mode of treatment.

Treatments for piles

Medications like fibre supplement or mild laxative can be used to soften the passage faeces. To ease pain, swelling and itchiness we can use  soothing creams, suppositories and ointments. Stapled haemorrhoidopexy and Haemorrhoidectomy are the most commonly used surgical procedures. In the former the haemorrhoids are removed completely, in the latter the tissue with piles are stitched higher up your anal canal. Patients are referred for surgery only if all other treatments does not show enough results.

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