Get Rid Of Excess Fat With Bariatric Surgery

Obesity have risen into one of the major health concerns today. With the recent lifestyle and dietary habits bearing much of the blame, the issue of obesity is not to be taken lightly. An increase in heart disease, diabetes, irregular blood pressure and the sort are known to have their roots deep in the obesity factor.
Defined with a BMI (Body Mass Index) above the 30, obesity is not just an aesthetic concern. It is a health disorder caused due to an accumulation excess fat. A well followed diet, regular exercise and a few tweaks in the daily life routines can help control obesity to a great extent. However, in some, these techniques do not bring about a marked or visible change.

Types of bariatric surgery
* Gastric Bypass surgery:  This surgery is also considered as the golden standard off all weight loss surgeries. It offers about 60 to 80% weight loss by restricting   the amount of food that can be consumed.
* Sleeve Gastrectomy: It is a laparoscopic surgical procedure which involves the surgical removal of about 70% of stomach to reduce food intake.
* Gastric Banding: It involves an inflatable that is placed on the stomach which divides it into two parts, thus limiting food intake capacity.

Advantages of Bariatric surgery
*Permanent method of weight loss
*Minimally invasive procedure offers faster recovery
*less pain or discomfort
*visible results within a year.

Dr. Deepak S is a leading laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, who offers effective weight loss treatments and surgeries for restoring health and wellness.

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